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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running A Race. Overcoming Your Obstacles.

(that's me in the black)

Today was my first 10k of 2012.  And for a dear friend of mine, it was her first race ever!  We ran the 6.2 miles in just over an hour.  It was Santa Cruz, CA's She. Is.Beautiful PINKEST 5k/10k...for women only.  Some of you fellas might not agree with this and at first I thought it was a little bit silly.  However, hearing the women throughout the race cheer you on as you ran by was encouraging, empowering, and even uniting.

The health factor in training and subsequently running a race is pretty obvious.  Burning calories and building muscle comes with the territory.  However, the excitement that you feel when you are at the starting line is amazing.  The "Can Do" attitude you get from your adrenaline and fellow racers is awesome!  For me, the last mile always flies by.  I find myself pushing my body harder and harder to finish strong.  To feel that flutter when you run across the finish line.  Makes me want to register for my next race before I even get home!

So take some time today, this week, or even this month, and find a race that fits your skill level.  Remember to train properly, eat healthy foods, and know your limits! Throughout this race, and every other race i've done, you see people walking.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS :) It's called doing what you need to in order to get it done! So don't let the fact that you think you won't be able to run the whole thing prevent you from signing up.  The point is to complete the race course as best you can.  Your best might be winning or it might be simply getting from start to finish.  Just do it.

My last tip for today...find a friend to do it with.  Not only to hold you accountable for training, but for race time support too :)  Experiencing something like this puts every runner on a common ground because every one of us is just putting it all out there.
(Me on the left & my friend Deidre on the right)

So get outside and experience a race.  Good luck everyone!


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