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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Detox Diets - Miracle or Myth?

Detox diets, also known as cleanses, are basically fasts.  Cutting calories to the extreme.  These diets are nothing new.  People have been participating in them for years.  Women seem to be the most concerned when it comes to weight, body image,  and the idea of a miracle diet that might exist somewhere out there.  As nice as it may seem to be able to drink liquids to flush your fat away, you'll actually end up spending about half your day in the bathroom!  So many of these detox diets may start out as a good idea, but the question is are they actually good for you???

Today, most detox diets consist of an unhealthy formula of ingredients with some key product that is supposed to kick start the shedding of fat, like cayenne pepper or vinegar.  But these recipes aren't backed by actual science or regulated by the FDA.  These low-calorie diets are starving your body.  The drop in pounds that you'll notice on the scale isn't really fat.  Bad news guys.  Due to inadequate protein, your body is forced to pull from it's reserves.  Your muscles.  What's even worse is that it's your muscles that continue to burn calories, even when you're not moving.  So what you've just done is put your body behind.

On top of all this,  your metabolism will slow way down in order to compensate for the lack of calories and nutrition.  So when you start eating normally again, you will pack on the pounds much quicker than before.

Not every detox diet is bad however.  They can assist your body in shedding the unnatural toxins that you consume daily.  But be sure to do your research before partaking in just some random recipe you find on the internet or a magazine.  A short term detox or cleanse diet can be helpful, say 3 days maximum (anyone with special dietary restrictions or health needs should consult a physician).  Something like this can give you and your body a fresh start to a healthy diet and way of living.  So be sure to do your research on the diet you are interested in!


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