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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get Motivated & Get Movin'!

If you're anything like have the best intentions, but don't always follow through.  Where's your motivation???  Sometimes it really is a struggle to get past the lack of desire.  To get up each time and get away to run.  To just let it all go.  Your expectations, your stresses, your responsibilities.  But here you are, dreaming of the thinner more beautiful you, right?

Here's the only thing that gets me up and moving...a tangible goal.

Pick a race.  Start with a 5k.  3 months from now.  It's realistic and absolutely doable!  Even if you have never run a mile in your life.  Start out every other day (no not everyday as this can become too time consuming for many and they'll bail) with a mile walk.  Add another mile to your walk after 2 weeks.  Add that third mile after 2 more.  Now that you've hit the distance, you can work on your time.  Each time you go out to do your 3 mile walk, add 1 minute of running until you are running the whole thing!

Here are a few sites you can check out for races here in California...
And the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to make yourself stick to running is ---> to get your friend to sign up with you!  Support helps make fitness attainable and even contagious.  So reach out and get someone else involved with you...

ATTN: LADIES --> Interested in  getting your first run under your belt but would rather not feel embarrassed in front of anyone but girls...check out 2012's She.Is.Beautiful Run! It's girls only! Sorry fellas :-P  Let me know if you'll be joining us there by liking our My Secret's To Skinny facebook page and leaving a comment.  Hopefully we'll see you there!


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