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Monday, January 23, 2012

Are HCG Drops A Miracle Diet???

Have you heard of the HCG Drops Diet?  It's one of the newest fad diets on the market.  All you have to do is take the (appetite suppressing) drops and the "weight falls off."  Sound sketchy and too good to be true?  Well it is!  So be ware...

Take a minute to visit their website...HCG Diet...all you will find is fluff and testimonials! And, of course, there is no description about what is ACTUALLY contained in the drops.  The description of the "special HCG diet" doesn't even tell you what it includes, just that you will shed all your unwanted and unhealthy pounds...MAGICALLY.  But wait.  It gets more suspicious.  They tell you that you will save money on the foods you will eat.  Know why?  Because YOU WON'T BE EATING!  Come on people! Recognize this!

If you reference the informational packet provided upon purchase, it tells you that you will skip anything with any caloric content for breakfast which is actually the most important meal you could eat all day.  And you daily calorie intake should be between 300-500 each day.  Seriously?!?  This is what classifies the HCG Diet as a "starvation diet" folks.  The average female requires a minimum of 1,200 calories each day and the average male requires at least 1,800.  So what you are doing is forcing your body to eat its stores.  Yes this is ultimately what your goal is. However, all this starvation does is slow down your metabolism.  Once the HCG Drops stop, the weight gain begins again and is often even worse.

Exercise is also forbidden on the diet.  Why would they restrict this if we have always been told to be active?  Well that's because you are consuming far fewer calories than your body needs to simply function. So if you're burning more from exercise, you are starving your body even more.  Long term starvation leads to organ failure and possibly death.  Is your immediate and simultaneously temporary weight loss worth your body's health?  HE*L NO!!!

PLEASE please please do not partake in this diet!  It is terrible for your health and overall well-being.  Instead, please just eat a healthy and balanced low calorie diet combined with sufficient exercise and watch the safe and long term weight loss begin.


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