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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Watch Those Calories This Thanksgiving!

The typical Thanksgiving meal will cost you more than an entire day's worth of calories on average.  And if you go back for seconds you might actually consume enough calories to gain an entire pound in one day...that's pretty awful!  Your goal for Thanksgiving this year should be to BE AWARE of what you are eating and how nutritional it really is...or isn't.

Your basic meal on Turkey Day:
  1. Turkey:  Anywhere from 100-250 calories depending on your serving size.
    • Choose TOFURKEY instead! :)
  2. Stuffing: Approximately 100 calories per serving
  3. Mashed Potatoes: 100 calories plus another 100 calories from the butter you add
  4. Gravy: 1/2 cup = over 200 calories
  5. Roll: about 100 calories plus another 100 calories from butter
  6. Cranberry Sauce: 1 cup of canned is 420 calories
  7. Pumkpin Pie: 1/8 of the pie (no whipped cream) runs around 400 calories
  8. Apple Pie: 1/8 of the pie is around 280-300 (no ice cream included)
Total Calories = 1500-1800 calories for just one round!

Keep in mind the drinks that you will also be indulging in and add their calories in your total as well.  Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of giving thanks...not a time of gaining weight.  Don't blow your diet for this one meal.  Be smart about what you choose to eat.  To lower the total calorie count, pick and choose.  Skip the butter if you want some gravy.  Don't pick both.  Pass on the canned cranberry sauce (which is KILLER) and go for homemade instead.  And most importantly, keeps your slices of dessert small as they have the most calories for the least nurtrition.  And always remember "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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