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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Create The Healthiest Sandwich

Each day I leave myself about 5 minutes to prepare lunch :) I mean who really wants to wake up earlier to cook up something for later right?!  The solution? ---> A nutritious sandwich.  So here are a few great tips to creating the healthiest sandwich you can...

  • First let's cover the bread: One thing I can't stand is when people completely write off bread.  Healthy breads DO IN FACT exist guys!  You can however skip over most of the options at your local grocery store as many breads do contain added sugars that can increase your chances of obesity and heart disease.  Solution: Check the ingredients! Make sure that the first ingredient is WHOLE wheat flour.  The fewer the ingredients the better.  Be sure to check the fiber content too.  Each slice should contain a few grams.
  • Next comes the "meat": The lowest calorie, lowest fat, and simultaneously highest protein tofu/tofurkey. Every grocery store offers vegetarian/vegan style options.  Tofurkey ranges from peppered to sun-dried tomato and they are all delicious!  Each slice generally comes to 20 calories and is packed with soy protein.
  • Then we have the fixings: Go with fresh veggies!  Include tomatoes, sprouts, sliced cucumber...whatever veggie you want just keep the calories low.  Choose spinach over iceberg for your lettuce.  It contains significantly more vitamin k, vitamin a, and even calcium.  Include soy cheese as it is cholesterol free and packed full of soy protein.
  • Let's talk spreads: Skip the ketchup and its sugar.  Skip the mayo and all the fat.  Instead, pick out your tastiest and most flavorful humus.  From jalapeno to white bean to garlic...spread a bit on the bread to save yourself from a dry sandwich.  A healthy, low fat, and sugar-free solution.
Now be smart when making your lunch tomorrow and use these ideas to create the healthiest sandwich you can.  Your energy will stay up throughout your afternoon and your calories will stay down. The perfect combination. 


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