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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mix It Up & Lose Weight!

I love yoga.  I crave running.  I enjoy exercise period.  But the key to keeping your body in overall great shape is simple.  MIX. IT. UP.  Keeping your body guessing means that you can avoid that plateau we all tend to come across at some point.

So today I tried a variation of my usual exercise choices.  Not just yoga or weights or calisthenics.  But all of the above.

TODAY'S ROUTINE: I started with 50 jumping jacks. Then I began the standing portion of Bikram yoga poses (see image guide below).  Followed by 50 more jumping jacks.  Then down to the mat I went to finish the Bikram series.  Don't forget those 50 crunches next.  Two sets of 10 push ups.  Then 10 dead lift leg raises on each leg. Close out with 50 more jumping jacks.

Doesn't take too long but it will definitely kick your butt!  Mixing in cardio with strength training kicks up the calorie burn and we can all use that!

Try this series out and tell me you aren't tired!

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