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Monday, December 12, 2011

Easy Vegetarian Dinner Idea For Only 300 calories!

Looks good doesn't it?? And the fact that it's only 300 calories makes it look even better! 100% vegetarian meals make it pretty easy to come up with healthy recipes to help you stay thin and at your goal weight.  Today I'll let you in on a tasty little meal I know that you will truly enjoy that will be sure to fit in to your calorie count for the day.

First start with some natural whole grain rice.  About 1/4 cup uncooked will be enough for one meal.  (However quinoa would also be a good substitution.) Next comes the "meat" of your dinner.  Gardein really got it right with this one!  Their Mandarin Orange Crispy "Chik'n" is DE-LI-CIOUS! Let the contents of the bag defrost then sautee them stirring in the sauce after around 6-8 minutes.  Steam some asparagus on the side simultaneously.  Once it's all prepared mix together your rice bowl.  You will have a light and healthy dish that will fill you up too!

Now I have tried plenty a vegetarian meat substitute and been unimpressed.  But this was excellent!  Make it for dinner and tell me you don't agree...I dare you ;-)


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