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Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Ways To Cut Calories Each Day!

Losing weight includes two parts: cutting calories and burning calories.  Here are my top 10 tips that you can follow to cut and burn more calories without changing too much about your diet and lifestyle.

  1. Ever notice that many of your skinny friends can't seem to sit still? Fidgeting can burn a couple hundred extra calories each day.  So bounce your feet, drum a beat, and walk fast whenever you can!
  2. Use smaller plates and dishes.  You'll eat about 20% less according to Cornell University researchers.
  3. Eat without the television.  Being aware of how much you're eating and how full you are becoming is much easier with fewer distractions.
  4. Choose the "skinny" coffee/creamer options and size down.  I mean do you really NEED a venti?? If you still think you require an extra boost, then get one more espresso shot.  This can save you a couple hundred calories!
  5. Don't eat from the bag! Whatever it is.  Count out one or two servings and literally save hundreds of calories.
  6. Serve and sit.  Dishes on the table encourage seconds and even thirds which are unnecessary so leave them in the kitchen! :)
  7. When dining out keep it simple and skip the extra side orders.
  8. Switch to diet soda or even water and save around 150 calories for each substitution.
  9. Skinny cocktails will do wonders for you!  Skip the sugar, liqueurs, and fruit juices.  Instead, go for drinks mixed with soda water, tonic, diet sodas, or citrus.  Some of your sugar packed cocktails can run you over 700 calories!
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY ==> put down your fork when you feel full!
These simple changes can really add up.  Stick to them and you will begin to lose body fat...not just body weight.


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