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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tired of Being Stressed??? ...and TIRED??

Nowadays, there are a million things that stress us all out. Why isn't he calling? Why won't my boss give me a raise? Will I be able to pay all my bills this month? Blah blah blah.  What this does to us is keep our minds and bodies in a constant state of aggravation.  If you aren't getting time to turn that off and reboot, then it can really wear you down.  This can lead to exhaustion, moodiness, illness, and can affect your relationships.  Oftentimes we don't have too many options to get RID of the stress.  So the question becomes 'How can I learn to manage it?'

Try applying some if not all of the following solutions to your daily life and watch how good you can really start to feel:

  • Attack your stress with logic - Make a list, write it in a journal, put your stressors on notecards and take a step back to reassess.  If it's financials triggering the stress, then see how you can consolidate debts and build up your accounts.  If it's work, see how you might be able to delegate to others for assistance.  Also try writing down the things that are positive in your life.  Studies have shown that taking stock of the positive things in life can relieve stress, increase energy levels, and even relieve pain.
  • Get enough sleep - Most people need between seven to nine hours of sleep each night but when we do get to sleep, we aren't sleeping well!  
    • Ways to improve the quality of your rest include: 
      • Going to bed and waking up around the same times EVERY day
      • Make sure you are sleeping in the dark!
      • Keep the temperature in your house nice and cool --> how many times do you wake up because you're way too hot?!?
      • Limit your caffeine intake in the afternoons and evenings
  • Turn off electronics - Yes I know this may be difficult for most of us...but the stress and pressure of having to check emails, tweet every hour, and answer that text message add up.  Try limiting your usage each day and watch your energy levels rise!
  • Deep breathing - Take a couple minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  This exercise is used in yoga regularly.  It allows your body and mind to reset and refocus.  
  • Learn to say 'no' - A great way to control your energy is to take a look at who's around you.  Have that friend who is full of drama? Have that coworker that does nothing but complain? Well take a step back and watch the load they were handing off to you VANISH!
Try to follow these guidelines everyday.  Once they become a part of your life, you stress will dramatically lessen, your energy levels will rise, and your heart will feel lighter :)

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