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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skinny Choices Each Weekend

Each weekend creates a whole new set of dieting predicaments for the everyday dieter.  Tantalizing temptation flourishes when joining friends for a night out in the form of naughty appetizers,  carb-loaded entrees, and calorie-packed drinks.  Here are a few simple tricks to minimize the impact of too "good" of a weekend:

  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!  -->  Drinking fluids aids in efficient digestion, less fluid retention, and helps your body rebound after a few libations. 

  • AVOID THE APPETIZERS!  -->  You don't need them!  Yes yes I know how good they look.  But nothing tastes as good as the calories make you pay for.  So be smart and say no thank you.  This will save you anywhere from 300-1000 calories! No joke!  Be sure to ask the restaurant you're at for the nutritional information.  The potato skins, caesar salads, and fried artichoke hearts can be devastating.

  • OPT FOR THE SMART SIDES  -->  Always go for the steamed veggie options.  Leave those fries and greasy potatoes in the kitchen where they belong.   This choice will save you anywhere from 200-400 calories.

  • CHOOSE THE SKINNY MIXERS -->  Forget the rum & Coke.  Ditch the vodka cran.  It's all pure sugar and calories.  For each glass of Coke it's about 100 calories and 30g-40g of sugar.  For each glass of cranberry juice you're looking at 100-130 calories and 32g of sugar.  Instead, order a vodka soda with lime.  You just cut your drink calories in HALF!  After your 3 drinks for the night, that's 300-500 calories right there.

Sure they might not be as fun as some other choices...but who says that you have to stay at home to stick to your diet??  Playing it smart is key and can really assist you in reaching your weight and health goals.

Source: caloriecount for the nutrition facts :)

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