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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Barefoot Shoe Craze

So halfway through your run the pain starts.  For me it's my knees.  The rough steps really beat 'em up.  But what is it exactly that is making my steps hurt?  At first I thought it was literally the pavement I was running on.  As soon as I hit the trails it was like the pain was lifted!  But that trail wasn't cushy, so I still wasn't sure what was going on...

Thing is, when the ground we are running on is consistent and flat, our over-developed running shoes can let our form fall apart.  When it comes to trail running, you are forced to pay closer attention to the ground you are about to step on, keeping you lighter on your feet.

Instead of slamming down on your heels with each step, your landing is shifted toward the ball of your foot simultaneously.  This reduces the impact on the joints.  The minimal or barefoot shoe assists you in rediscovering your body's natural running form.   What does that mean?  Simply fewer injuries!

The barefoot running shoe weighs mere ounces! You feel like your feet are bare but your soles are protected from the elements.  This revolutionary development is no "fad."  Every shoe company out there is coming up with their own version as it grows in popularity for all the runners.  As variations come out, the prices become more reasonable too.  So go out there...try some barefoot running shoes...AND SEND ME YOUR FEEDBACK :)



  1. Switching to minimalist shoes was definitely the best thing I've ever done for my running. I fought through a couple injuries so definitely remember to take it slow! I went straight to running in my KSO's and messed up a tendon in my ankle so I back tracked and I'm only wearing around for class and stuff now!

    Great blog! Can't wait to check out your others

  2. Great to hear! i'm waiting for a sale then I'll be a proud owner too!

    thanks for reading! :)